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          One of my  models this year is Rielyn Castle Senior at Ada High School,Rielyn loves  volleyball  and cheerleading. She is a honor student,sings in the high school choir , She plans on attending Ohio Northen University  as a Pharmacy student.    I am now booking 2017 seniors , I am a photographer who continues my education through  the Ohio Professional  Photographers Association , Located at Indian Lake Ohio I will travel up to 60 miles from my location,Will travel further for an additional fee. I do have a seniors  model program for the students who are out going and would like to sponsor  my business in there area,with this they do earn rewards if this is something you would be interested in you may contact me via email, High school senior in the subject line please or visit my website at and fill out the senior questionnaire . I love what I do. 

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Elgin High School 2016 Senior Alexis Bishop I had the pleasure of photographing Alexis Bishop 2016 Elgin High School Senior what a beautiful young lady who's passion is softball . Good luck i know you will succeed in your goals for the future 


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Lyle Family ‚ÄčI had the pleasure of photographing the Lyle Family, Larry Lyle,Dr. Laura Lyle and Linn Lyle Harson presented there Dad with a photo session for his 80th birthday. Here is how the session turned out.


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Video of Maycie's Dance Images I have won a years subscription to this video site I am so happy for it , The site is expensive to purchase for just one year, So i am going to enjoy while I have it 

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Sydney & Tanner I Had the pleasure of photographing these two young adults,Sydney Williams and Tanner Hilty I really enjoy spending time with them the rain chased us back to you cars a couple of times but we made through the session with out getting to wet ,Hope you enjoy the video of there Images .

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Kids and there Pets  Welcome to my first blog on my new website, My goal is to blog at least once a months. With content from events as well as helpful information as to what is going on in the digital world. Today's I would like to share a few Images of my two beautiful granddaughters  and there Dog Riley's and the love these two have for there dogs. IMG_0195IMG_0195 IMG_0197IMG_0197 IMG_0215IMG_0215

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